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We are a dedicated group of forward-thinking, rigorously ROI & data-driven marketers with very diverse marketing skill sets.  We share three core motivations that define us:

  1. Client Trust. No matter what company we work for, we all end up investing so much of our energy into our work. The product of our labors holds a pride that is almost sacred. It is the anthem of our efforts. We understand the responsibility and the trust clients place in our hands. We take that duty seriously.
  2. Sustainable SEO. We’ve never found the wild-west bravado of SEO hackers to be an acceptable (nor particularly effective) way to do SEO. So we’ve worked tirelessly for the past few years to develop a data-driven approach to SEO. Our system is extremely powerful, scalable, agile, and customizable.  Best of all, we designed the model to be able to use locally-trained talent.  No overseas outsourcing.
  3. Profit. And lastly, we’re in this area of marketing because we recognize the potential return that can be realized with effective SEO.

With that…meet the Anthem team:

Matthew Freeman

More about Matthew Freeman

CEO & Co-Founder

Matthew Freeman is the CEO & co-founder of Anthem Optimization. Freeman, as everyone calls him, lives and breathes SEO in a very hands-on way that has given him an uncanny sense of the movements in the Google algorithm. We call it “Google Whispering” around here.

Freeman attributes his understanding of SEO to his love of data, R&D, and the wide-range of clients he’s be fortunate enough to work with—from local small businesses to international Fortune 500/Internet 100 corporations; and in a wide-range of industries, including legal, medical, financial, Christian, ecommerce, and the list goes on. Read More