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Our Vision

We are a team of ROI-driven search optimizers with a passion for unlocking mysteries and finding hidden treasures.  And these days, the Indiana Jones and Sherlock Holmes adventures happen online.

Solving the Mysteries

The why’s of the internet are begging to be solved: Why is no one coming to our site?  Why is no one engaging with our website?  We were made to solve these riddles.

We think it’s a crime that so much of online marketing remains a mystery—the SEO industry is the biggest culprit—and we are working to change that…


The Internet is a virtual world where every movement and motivation of your marketplace is a piece of data that can be captured and quantified.  There is an answer for every question, limited only by the ability to properly capture and quantify the information.

We’re talking valuable insights that range from an uncanny understanding of customer motivations, to a transparent view of your competitors’ marketing strategies.  To be honest, even we get weirded out by it sometimes.

Securing the Treasures

We love the openness of the online marketplace, because it means that any company, no matter how large or small, can dominate online—if aligned with the right talent.  We know, because it’s what we do.

Our methods have proven successful across the entire spectrum—from Fortune 500, Internet 100 corporations, down to the smallest local retailers.


Our Process

So what will an engagement with us look like?  What can we do for you?


The first thing to know about us is that we are process rich.  The second thing to know is that we understand deliverables are only as good as their relevancy to your bottom line.

There are thousands of different metrics that we can track for you; but we find that our clients are best served through a discovery process that allows us to pull together the right combination of metrics and modules for each engagement…


Customizing the deliverables makes them more than a past tense report that gets filed away.  They become a living document that provides on-going insight.

The modules can be categorized in to two groups:


Every company will be strong in certain areas and weak in others.  It is crucial to improve your effectiveness across the entire search funnel.

So once we identify your specific needs and align them with the campaign goals, we will create a customized set of modules to track the results of our work, based on the key metrics that effect your bottom line.


This is where you’re gonna think we have ESP.  But don’t worry, we can’t read minds, we don’t have CIA connections, and we don’t see dead people.  We simply have the knowledge and the tools to unlock the secrets of the online universe.

Here are a couple examples:

Freeman: At my last agency I performed an SEO audit for a Fortune 500 corporation whose internal SEO team was struggling to figure out why they ranked so poorly in Google.

I was able to discover that a change was made to their code two years earlier, the month it was made, with screenshots of what the pages looked like before and after, and when and how Google penalized them for the change. I’m an amateur time traveler on the weekends.

Dax: Through the use of a combination of tools, we can provide valuable insights into a competitor’s online marketing strategy—including the marketing channels they are pursuing, the products and services they are focusing on, and the exact language and positioning of their strategy.  We’re your virtual fly-on-the-wall.


Our Campaigns

It’s simple.  Online marketing is evolving too fast to get locked in to using the same cookie-cutter approach every time.  Every company and every campaign has unique opportunities and challenges.

The only way to ensure success is to align with an agency like ours: 1) filled with people who are passionate about solving unique problems, and 2) have an agile system in place, that can adapt to meet a wide range of needs…


Got a problem? We’d love to solve it!