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The Difference that Makes All the Difference

There are few things more difficult than finding an SEO agency you can count on.  We know full well; we are often called in to audit unsuccessful campaigns.

The problem with the SEO industry is that it tends to attract people focused on finding weaknesses in search engine algorithms.  While highly intelligent, these ‘Search Hackers’ end up failing organizations, because they don’t approach SEO as a data-driven marketing channel.

SEO is most effective when approached as a data-driven discipline—aligned with other marketing channels, focused on your bottom line, utilizing search data to provide marketplace insights that can help to inform the longterm direction of a company.

When searching for an SEO agency the hacker mindset is pretty easy to spot, because they typically have a static list of services for all potential clients.  That kind of commodification is great for electric companies and overnight cleaning services—but not for outsourcing a key marketing channel.

A well-qualified, data-driven SEO marketing agency should demonstrate a desire to configure an approach that best aligns with each company’s offerings, projections, and current marketing channels.  Which is what we do.

Here are a few examples of what sets us apart and what an SEO agency needs to be able to provide:

1. Marketplace Analysis

There are over seventy-seven billion searches performed each year on the major search engines.  That amount of search data can provide a level of insight into a marketplace, beyond anything we’ve seen before.

Here are a few examples of how these insights can effect your bottom line:

  • Consumer Insights: It’s common to have a product or service with two-dozen selling points.  When people search, they often self-identify their core motivation, by their choice of words.  Harnessing this information allows you to serve up content that speaks directly to the self-identified motivation of each search group.  They’re trying to make it easy on you.
  • Market Trending: Search trending data will allow your company to stay ahead of changes in the marketplace and in the shifting motivations of your potential customer base.  It can also reveal emerging marketplaces and give you early indicators of potential fall-offs.
  • Unexplored Opportunities: After spending a year and over $1 million, one company abandoned their pursuit of a new product line. Had they engaged with us before making that investment, our marketplace opportunities audit would have given them the information to avoid that course and identified unexplored opportunities that offered the potential for a positive return on that failed investment.

2. Search Funnel Optimization

Affecting your bottom line extends beyond just increasing your rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs).  It requires a systematic approach that seeks to increase your effectiveness throughout the entire search funnel.

The SEO Traffic Funnel

The SEO Traffic Funnel

  • SERP Visibility: Where you rank in the SERPs is just the first stage in the search funnel.  Maximizing your search market share requires a multifaceted approach, that includes ranking well for high volume search phrases and maximizing your ability to rank for longtail search phrases.
  • CTR Optimization: High rankings will not provide full value if your click-through rates are underperforming.  CTR Optimization is key for maximizing the percentage of the search marketplace you are able to capture.
  • Landing Page Optimization: By categorizing each search group based on their self-identified motivation, on-site content can be targeted to address each group’s needs, resulting in lower bounce rates and increased conversion rates.
  • Conversion Optimization: The way visitors interact with your site is immensely valuable data; that, if properly captured and analyzed, can provide you with the insights to make significant gains, simply by converting more of the traffic already coming to your site.

3. Enhancing Your Organization

Effectively partnering with an outsourced SEO agency should provide additional benefits beyond what you can directly attribute to ROI.  These include enhancement in the overall effectiveness of other marketing channels, along with the natural increase in understanding of SEO that naturally happens as the agency interacts with members of your organization.

While it’s true they’re not hired to train your staff or give away all of their ‘secrets’, if an agency is consistently resistant to transparency, it can sometimes be a red flag.

What if You Already Have An SEO Agency?

Over the years we received a lot of calls from companies under contract with an SEO agency, but unsure if they are getting the full value from the engagement.

So we’ve developed our talents around the little known area of “SEO Mediation.”  Simply put, we are retained by either the company or the SEO agency to audit the engagement—helping to strengthen the effectiveness of the campaign and the lines of communication between the agency and the client.

There is far greater demand for SEO than there are quality SEOs to meet that demand.  So increasing the effectiveness of other SEO campaigns is a good way to safeguard the health of the industry as a whole.

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Matthew Freeman

About the Author: Matthew Freeman

CEO & Co-Founder
Matthew Freeman is the Founder & CEO of Anthem Optimization. Freeman, as everyone calls him, lives and breathes SEO in a very hands-on way that has given him an uncanny sense of the movements in the Google algorithm. We call it “Google Whispering” around here.   Read More

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