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Most business websites have some actionable step they want their visitors to perform—making a purchase, submitting a form, etc. So if someone were to ask you:

Why are 97% of your visitors not performing the desired action?

Would you be able to answer that question? More importantly, would your answer be speculative or would you be able to point to clear visitor data that told the story of visitors’ experiences on your site?

The biggest problem is not that X% of the people are not converting; the biggest problem is that most companies have no idea why—which also means they have no idea how to stop the leaking.

The Solution: Closing the Marketing Loop

Simply put, closing the marketing loop means gaining visibility into the entire lifecycle—from the keywords used to find your website, all the way to the completed purchase—and turning those insights into actionable steps to continually refine and improve your conversion rates.

There are two parts to this process, closing the loop with your offsite marketing channels and closing the onsite conversion loop.

Analytics - Closing the Marketing Loop

Closing the Marketing Loop

As your company begins moving in this direction, you will begin to see that the loop is more like chain-mail of loops, with each step positively impacting every other channel; but for the sake of clarification, it’s easiest to view the process in two segments:

1) The use of Analytics to provide actionable insights that most directly impact your offsite marketing channels: clarifying what segments convert best and what channels are most profitable.

2) The use of Analytics to provide actionable insights that most directly impact your onsite effectiveness: used in conjunction with conversion optimization tools, these insights help you create content more specifically targeting user groups and individuals. Doing so improves user-experience and increases your conversion rates.

This is the first of three posts in this series.  The next two posts will address the two segments above.  Check back soon or subscribe to our RSS.

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