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You’re only as strong as your weakest link.

Search funnel optimization is the most overlooked concept when trying to capture a potential search marketplace.  It’s common to see SEO campaigns derailed by focusing too much attention on one aspect of the search funnel, while completely ignoring another.

For example, campaigns fail when search volume is the focus, while engagement metrics are ignored; or when rankings are the focus, while click-through rates are ignored.  The list goes on and on.

To be fully effective in search conversion, you need to take a balanced approach that analyzes and responds to all segments of the search funnel.

Here is a quick 101 on each segment:





The SEO Traffic Funnel




SERP Visibility: Maximizing your search visibility market share requires a multifaceted approach, that includes ranking well for relevant, high volume search phrases, along with maximizing your ability to rank for longtail search phrases.  The ability to grow vertically and horizontally simultaneously requires a well designed, robust link acquisition campaign.

CTR Optimization: High rankings will not provide full value if your click-through rates are underperforming.  CTR Optimization is key for maximizing the percentage of the search marketplace you are able to capture.  Crafting well designed, highly targeted meta-descriptions is one way to increase your CTRs.

Landing Page Optimization: First impressions are key with new visitors.  Your potential customers will make a flash judgement about your site within the first few seconds—whether they leave your site or try to navigate through your site.

This gives you one hero image or roughly 5-10 words to hook them.  The good news is, there are well-tested, proven best practices that can set you apart, if your competitors are still using traditional methods of web design.

Conversion Optimization: By categorizing each search group based on their self-identified motivation, the user-experience can be optimized to address each group’s needs, resulting in lower bounce rates and increased conversion rates.

The way visitors interact with your site provides immensely valuable data; that, if properly captured and analyzed, can provide you with the insights to make significant gains, simply by converting more of the traffic already coming to your site.

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